Sunday, September 27, 2009

She's a little Squirrely

On a personal note I finally got a new computer. "hurray!" I spent 4 months in the stone age only using a computer when I had someone elses close by. I am reconnected to the world and it feels so good!

Today is all about the squirrels. These quirrels are available in my etsy shop Cherry Lane Jane.

The first is a brand new sweater bib. You can see the listing here.

orange squirrel sweater bib

The second is a set of corduroy pillows. You can see the listing here.

set of squirrel pillows

I want to thank scarlettdesign for featuring the pillows on her blog. You can see her listing here....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweater Inspired

I have been without a computer for months now. I only use my husbands laptop when he is home at the same time as I am, which isn't very much. With out a computer all day I have spent a lot more time outside, crafting and just hanging with my kids. It has been kinda nice, but don't tell my husband that! I am a bit disconnected from the world though and that's why I am checking in to update on what my little hands have been crafting these days. I am still loving the sweater recycling. These are my newest repurposed sweater creations........

All can be seen on my flickr page cherrylanejane

candy corn bowl fillers made froma sweater and an antique quilt

my fox sweater baby bibs
Pink and Black Fox baby Bib101_1013[2]

a humming bird pillow
Humming Bird Love Pillow

retro tree sweater pillow

retro tv bib