Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Too legit to Quit

I haven't posted much about my life in recent posting, but this is just to hard to pass up. I just ran across my elementary music teacher on facebook. This guy was awesome! Mr. Dendler. He wrote music for the school and our concerts. I loved his class! He even wrote our school song "Let Freedom Ring" which I still have the sheet music for in my piano bench. On his facebook are lots videos and pictures from back then. Everything from concerts, the morning news, science fairs, field days, interviews with the staff, and a work out video some of the kids did with the gym teacher. I think my favorite so far is the video of the dance team doing the too legit to quit song from MC Hammer. I remember doing that in gym class and loving it! Wow were we cool back then. hahaha

Just in case you need a little laugh here is the too legit to quit video from MC Hammer.......

I was having a rough week and then I wake up and see all these videos. It was just the happy thing I needed to cheer me up. I laughed out loud so much that my side hurts. I think I spent an hour watching videos. Now I am going to add some of my own pictures of back then to my album. I hope I give someone else the same giggle that Mr. Dendler's pictures gave me!

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chinamommy said...

isn't facebook fun? i've found so many old (i'm way older than you ) friends!
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