Friday, February 6, 2009

Heartomatic Craft Cult


I found this site just yesterday thanks to another Etsy seller and it is so handy! Craft Cult is a fun new site. All you Etsy sellers should take a peek. It takes your shop id number and makes all your hearted information and view history easy to see and read in one place called the heart-o-matic. Now that is genious! Plus you can advertise with them and get either your individual items or your whole shop exposure.

Buyers are very welcome also! Take a minute to see all the featured items and etsy shops on You will be sure to find something you will love.

Happy Shopping!



ARTLIFE said...

I love this site!! it is so easy to check new hearts now!

Anonymous said...

My shop is , and I selling vintage findings.

I knew that site just now, and I want advertising at it.