Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feeling Foxy

I have been a bit busy with my real life. One of my kids got pneumonia and the other had a school play which took up a better part of my life for the past week or two. My son is healing wonderfully after a ton of meds and breathing treatments every 4hrs for what felt like days of sleeplessness. My daughter's play is done and no more practicing, so I am back to crafting and these are my newest Etsy items.

I am feeling Foxy about this one.....

Recycled Fox Blue Sweater Pillow


This one is just warm and cozy in my opinion....

Olive Green Sweater Pillow with Penny Rug Circles



Aloquin said...

Oooh they look great!

missknits said...

wow they are awesome! love upcycling sweaters and such! too cute

Femmedetails said...

Hi, I have awarded you the Lemonade Award.

For more information on the award, please visit my blog:

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Your upcycled pillows are the bomb Liz, I think they are great!

Anonymous said...

interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.