Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Discovering Etsy

I love how many different and creative ways Etsy has on it's site to search for items. There is the Time Machine. Where you can search by newly listed or ending soon. Then there is the color searches Colors. Where all you need is to find the color you need or shade of color and the items will appear. The fun part is you can toss the items around the page like a ball and disguard the ones you don't need. You can shop local by finding shops that are close to your area. You can Pounce and find undiscovered newly updates shops waiting for their first sale. Pounce also has the option of looking for things that just sold. You can look at the Editor's Picks and see all the items in thumbnail forms. Of course of one my favorites is the treasury and treasury west. The treasuries are handpicked by etsy shops. They feature 12 coordinating or similar items. There are never less than 333 lists in the treasury and never less than 222 lists in treasury west. It is always fun to see what the sellers are into these days. On the front page of Etsy you can read the storque articles, view the featured seller of the week, search by category, and search by typing in the word. When you search there is a drag down button where you can search Vintage, Supplies, or Handmade separately. The Showcase page features items sellers are featuring in their own shops. Last but not least you can look at the Gift Guides. If there is something you need to get mom or dad, a coworker, a holiday, baby, a geek, a teen, or something modern, etc. there are gift guides for all your special needs that feature the Etsy administration's picks.

Whatever your needs you can find on Etsy from fine art, handmade cards, clothing, eco friendly supplies, baby toys, jewelry, pottery, bags, patterns, modern designs to vintage shoes and clothing. Take a minute to let Etsy help you find what your looking for.

Speaking of Gift Guides my "He Loves Me" sweater pillow made it into the My Funny Valentine Gift Guide last night. Yay!



Mich said...

Fantastic blog post! I really like your guide to etsy! you're sweater is really, cute, too! Congrats on the gift guide!

Always Amy said...

:) Congrats on being featured in the GG!

hauteandi said...

So cute, I love that pillow!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

I always enjoy the Time Machine 2 feature and Shop Local!

SPUNKbyCM said...

great guide!
etsy can be confusing to those who are new to it. hopefully this encourages more ppl to discover etsy and have fun!


missknits said...

congrats!! isnt it exciting! i just found out last night too that my insult hearts made it in too!! how fun!