Sunday, January 4, 2009

Phasing out Handmade Toys because of CPSIA / Making Valentines Decorations

Because of the new law going into effect Feb. 10, 2009 requiring all items to be tested by a third party at unreasonable rates I will be phasing out my handmade baby toys for now. I am sad about it and I feel very sad for the thousands of other people who will be going out of business do to this law. Handmade toys and items intended for use by anyone under 12yrs old will be affected. It is sad that mothers will no longer have a safe handmade alternative to the lead based toys that are imported from other countries.

If you have time please visit any of these sites and sign the petitions or email your local congressman or senator.

Meanwhile I am making fun recycle and upcycled things for the upcoming Valentine's Day Season..... You can fine them at my Cherry Lane Jane Etsy Shop.




knitsational said...

The hearts are adorable! I hope something changes within the next month.

The_Frustrated_Writer said...

Love the hearts!

kim* said...

wowowowow i love your new items! you made awesome things so that is good!

its sad that they make people pay so much. im all for testing for children items cause children are so fragile and innocent so they do funny things with items. too bad they dont do it free for the sake of children.

Onyx Angel Designs said...

Yay I like the theme very sweet... gosh V-Day is coming up!!! ahhhhhh

365 Letters said...

Your new items are cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the CPSIA is impacting you negatively. I sympathize! But I think you're going to come up with some great new things. Looking forward to seeing what you do next (and who knows, the law may change at some point)!