Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holidays are here!

I have new holiday items and new Holiday sales in my etsy shop this year.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Half Priced Holidays~*~*~*~*~*~*

Introducing half priced holidays.... Every week there will be an item that is half priced and and an additional item that has FREE Shipping. Next week there will be new ones so take advantage before the item changes. Plus all holiday bibs will be $7.00.

~*~*~ Half Priced Item - 6 SNOWFLAKE Ornaments - reclaimed vintage wool clothing

~*~*~ Free Shipping item - Flowers Pastel Vintage Quilt Pillow

Sunday, September 27, 2009

She's a little Squirrely

On a personal note I finally got a new computer. "hurray!" I spent 4 months in the stone age only using a computer when I had someone elses close by. I am reconnected to the world and it feels so good!

Today is all about the squirrels. These quirrels are available in my etsy shop Cherry Lane Jane.

The first is a brand new sweater bib. You can see the listing here.

orange squirrel sweater bib

The second is a set of corduroy pillows. You can see the listing here.

set of squirrel pillows

I want to thank scarlettdesign for featuring the pillows on her blog. You can see her listing here.... http://scarlettdesign.blogspot.com/

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweater Inspired

I have been without a computer for months now. I only use my husbands laptop when he is home at the same time as I am, which isn't very much. With out a computer all day I have spent a lot more time outside, crafting and just hanging with my kids. It has been kinda nice, but don't tell my husband that! I am a bit disconnected from the world though and that's why I am checking in to update on what my little hands have been crafting these days. I am still loving the sweater recycling. These are my newest repurposed sweater creations........

All can be seen on my flickr page cherrylanejane

candy corn bowl fillers made froma sweater and an antique quilt

my fox sweater baby bibs
Pink and Black Fox baby Bib101_1013[2]

a humming bird pillow
Humming Bird Love Pillow

retro tree sweater pillow

retro tv bib

Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Vintage to Spooky

I just wanted to stop in and say hey. This summer has been crazy busy with the kids home from school and all. I haven't done much crafting, but I did get a chance to take 4 vintage cloth napkins and hand stitch felt Halloween images to them. I was thinking about making them into pillows, but instead they ended up a single table runner. I am off to do more swimming and enjoying my summer!

Hugs,Liz :)

Here is the finished product which can be found in my etsy shop, Cherry Lane Jane.

Hand Stitched Halloween Table Runner



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Viva la Moda


I am happy that I got my newsletter from Viva La Moda Magazine today and I am being feature on page 45 of the May 2009 Issue.

VivaLaModa magazine

You will find my little green whale reclaimed sweater bib in the Eco Fabulous Gifts for Little Ones article. A big thanks to Lisa for including me! This Fashion Zine is an online magazine dedicated to finding fabulous handmade fashions, indie designers, eco friendly items, vintage treasures, and all those wonderful things that unique handmade sellers have to offer. It is a stylish fashion magazine that pulls together a really great publication while still being friendly to mother nature by publishing online and not wasting paper and our precious trees. Take a minute to look at the fabulous magazine and sign up for their bi monthly newsletter to see when the next issue will be out. Oh and don't forget to spread the word about this wonderul magazine!



Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've been Indie Spotted

I've Been Spotted on IndieSpotting

I am happy to share that when I went browsing the pages of Indie Spotting on www.myshoppingconnection.com today I found one of my own creations! My Ella the Elephant recycled sweater bib is in the babies and kids section. Thank you Indie Spotters for noticing me:) Ella is still for sale in my etsy shop, www.cherrylanejane.etsy.com.

If your not sure what Indie Spotting is just take a peek over there and you will find beautiful photos in a gallery filled with handmade unique items for sale all over the web. Indie spotters find them and put them all in one place for you to window shop with ease.


Thursday, May 14, 2009



I am happy to give a big thanks to Karen of Mystic Wynd for doing a spotlight of CherryLaneJane! I did a little interview that you can read over on her blog. http://mysticwynd.blogspot.com/ Please take a minute to stop on over and read a bit about my shop and my childhood.

here is a bit of what you will see......

I grew up on a large 200 hundred acre farm that was no longer in use, except for the fields of corn and soy bean. Cherry Lane Farm was our haven in a suburban town filled with newly developed neighborhoods, soccer fields, and shopping centers. We lived atop a hill over looking Cincinnati and the view was breath taking! We used the old farm land as our playground


I have been in the middle of a remodel in the basement. We moved into this house and the basement was finished....well kinda finished. We have lived with it for 2yrs and thought it was time to get rid of the yellowish orange walls, the rusty orange trim, and the awful dark blue carpet that shows everything! If you sneeze it shows the dust and that makes our poor vacuum work overtime. Especially since my husband has a bit of a clean freak streak in him. It is a large double room that we use for a second family room and the other side is for the kids playroom.

Today the carpet guys are installing the new carpet so I am thrilled! As soon as we have it all done I will post the after shoots, but for now here is a peek at the horrible before pictures. The stairwell had lattice on one side and wood paneling on the other..... yuck!


this is it after the carpet was removed and the walls were primed for the new paint. It already looks ten times better.


I have been so very busy with ripping carpet out and sanding and painting that I haven't shared any of my new items lately. Here are a few of the new listing at CherryLaneJane.etsy.com. All but one are made from reclaimed vintage sweaters.

As Always Hugs, Liz:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Adding to my Fabric Stash


I haven't added to my collection of fabric or my "STASH" in quit some time, but I had some extra paypal cash and decided to splurge on some fun new fabrics. I already have a ton of projects in mind for most of them. I know that my fabric stash is already quit large. I have collected things from my mothers vintage 70's and 80's stash and from my aunts stash. I have also spent plenty of money over the years in fabric, but if your an avid sewer or quilter than you can NEVER have enough fabric! I know some of you know what I mean. No matter how much my husband cringes when he sees my craft room and all my stuff I just close the door and smile because that is my passion. The best part of having a substantial stash of fabric is that whenever you need something you don't have to stop in the middle of a project to go find fabric at the craft store or wait to get it shipped to you. It is all there just waiting for your next inspiration.

I ordered these online on Friday and by Monday at noon they were in my mailbox! Talk about a wonderfully fast shipping service. Thanks so much to Fabric Supplies at www.fabricsupplies.etsy.com. If you are in need of fabric than you must take a look at their large variety of beautiful quality fabrics.

I am so excited that I am off to cut and sew! Big Hugs,Liz:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is my newest Treasury West! It is for all those mommies out there who love earth tones and that wonderful natural look.

Make sure you click and check out all these fabulous finds.



mothers day gift,etsy treasury,earth mom,earth tones,cherrylanejane,treasury west,handmade

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ahoy Facebook Pirates

I checked my facebook this afternoon and noticed a friends message saying that there is now an English Pirate language for your facebook page. Sure enough you can scroll right down to the bottom and click on whichever language you have yours on and change it to English (Pirate) beta! How cool is that? SO cool if you ask me me hearties! It says all sorts of ridiculous things like.....

Me Hearties

Bottle o' Messages0

Abandon Ship

Make yer mark · Arrr, This be pleasin' to me eye.Care not fer such trifles

Ahoy There!!

Peer into the depths

1 sorry lout thinks they're yer mate!

flapped gums 'bout yours recent Tales

What be troublin' ye?

If you have a facebook page and have a few minutes just give it a try and see how happy something this stupid and silly can make you feel. It really made my day for no good reason at all other than I like talking like a pirate.



Speaking of pirates, my son Braden got these adorable pirate washcloths from Wry Baby for the tub from his Grandma Kuhr. It will match perfectly his Backyardagans Pirate Ship for a bath time of arggghhhh's from me little's ones booties ;)~

This adorable ship is on $13.46 at walmart.com.

You can get this set of the washcloths for yourself or your little ones at the World Market.com.
pirate washcloths

Th' wench Liz is off to peer into the depths for some treasure chest!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sun is Shinning

I woke up today with blue skies and warmth. It is a wonderful change of pace since this April has been quit dreary here in Ohio. My Weeping Cherry tree is in full bloom and looks gorgeous against the blue sky.


We had a birthday party for my son. Braden turned 6 this weekend. I made a super simple chocolate devil's cake and let him make the icing color with food coloring. I think he did a great job, don't you?


The week before we had our fun Easter celebration and I never got a chance to share our Easter eggs with everyone. My 10yr old Halie's set is the more vibrant ones because she has more patience and can keep her eggs in the dye longer. ;)~


With 3 days in a row of sunny skies and 85 degree weather I am excited for some outside time with the family. Plus a Saturday night with friends for my birthday!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Etsy Style

In honor of Mother Nature and her special day I have chosen some fabulous Etsy Products for you to enjoy! Be sure to stop on over and heart or buy one of these special Earth Products!

I agree that Mother nature deserves our love and attention to detail on a daily basis, so that is why I have picked this reusable sandwich baggy. Any way we can reduce the amount of plastic bags in landfills helps Mother Nature and in turn helps our future. Plus it is supper cute and bright! You can buy one for yourself at MamaMade.etsy.com.

MamaMade Reusable Sandwich Bag - Reduce, Reuse, RecyclePhotobucket


This next beauty features Mother Natures gorgeous Pacific East Coast. I would wear this as an everyday piece of jewelry for it's simple yet elegant design. You can buy Atlantic Blue at WingoDesigns.etsy.com.

atlantic blue



I know that some people have a hard time loving the giant wind turbines being added on the landscape of earth, but they can be very beautiful. Knowing they are saving our planet from burning coal and gasoline is enough for me to love them, but they also have a simple beauty that JMJSTUDIO has captured here. JMJSTUDIO has made this renewable resource a work of art for you to display in your home. You can purchase this gorgeous One of a kind work of art at JMJSTUDIO.etsy.com.



One of Mother Earth's renewable resources that needs some more exposure is Hemp. Hemp can be used for lots of wonderful things including, but not limited to, paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food, and fuel. It doesn't need carcinogenic materials to process it into a usable product unlike other materials. You can even use it in your everyday life and still be fashionable! This hemp zipper pouch is fun and functional. Atelierdesoyun has many versions and colors for you to choose from at atelierdesoyun.etsy.com.

Texturized Linen Hemp Zip Pouch in LimeGreen


Thanks for taking a minute to look at some of what Mother Nature has to offer and remember to recycle,reuse, and reduce as best you can.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother's Day Bib Sale


----Mother’s Day Bib Sale----

From now till Mother’s Day all regular bibs will be $8.00 and all sweater bibs will be $10.00! Make sure to take advantage of this special offer before it expires May 10, 2009.

SALE -----SALE------SALE

You can find the sale at Cherry Lane Jane on Etsy.com.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Same Sweater

I made two pillows from the same sweater. Both I adore for their nature themes! I would love to keep them both, but then My husband would put his feet on them and they are too cute for me to let him do that ;) teehee I used the same cream colored thrift store sweater and I would love to know what you think of my newest creations....

The first pillow is an adorable 12" Mr. Squirrel. He can be found in my Cherry Lane Jane Etsy Shop.


The second pillow is yet another fun nature inspired Mr. Fox!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break and Cherry Blossoms

It's Spring Break for the kids and my sisters and I went on a vacation to visit another one of our sisters in Memphis,TN. I left the hubby at home and we had a fun filled, hair dying, zoo going, alcoholic smoothie drinking, girls just wanna have fun good time!

4 of the 5 sisters

5 of the 7 cousins at the Memphis zoo


I came home a red head.


I also came home relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to get back into real life. When I came home my Weeping Cherry was in bloom and I am glad I didn't miss it! Today I made a recycled sweater elephant bib and used the tree as a prop. I just listed it in my etsy shop.


Ella- Recycled Sweater Bib


I would say that this spring break has been a success!

What did you all do for spring break?


Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I woke up last Saturday with the idea in my head that I would spend the whole day in my pj's crafting! I was thrilled and as soon as I got up I finished a sweater pillow and listed it on etsy. Then the phone rang. It was my husband saying something didn't get delivered on the truck shipment at work. (we both work for the same company) The customer needed these boxes by Sunday and they were at least 4hrs away in Michigan. He was going to have to get in his car and go the 8hr round trip to get them. Then he asked me to join him ASAP and head to Michigan with him. We live in southern Ohio just north of Cincinnati.

Being a mommy of two great kids spontaneous trips to nowhere are very few and far between. Leaving to go to the grocery is hard enough. I thought to myself "why not?" and called my mother in law. She agreed to take the kids and within an hour I was packed and ready to take a road trip with my husband.

Along the way we decided to stop wherever and whenever we saw something interesting. We made it fun and the best part was we enjoyed each others company so much we didn't even turn the radio on the first half of the trip.

These are just a few of the fun things that two parents, who never get away, got a chance to see......

This is the courthouse in Findlay Ohio.

A Bride was getting her pictures taken out front.

Driving down main street there were some beautiful old homes. (these are all taken from the car so bare with me)




We also saw this gorgeous old church.



Then we say a big white ball off the highway and stopped at the exit.

It was the space museum and we got inside a space ship outside.

inside the capsule

Dan isn't so good at getting me and the capsule in the same shot, but that's ok. lol

We also saw an orange airplane that John Glen flew before his space flight

Then there was the old shiny silver Denny's. I didn't even know there were any Denny's left.

At the end of the day we stopped at the Outback Steakhouse and had the yummiest rib dinner! It wasn't all that thrilling, but for me "a home body" it was exciting to get out there and just hit the road for a little American road trip. Next time Dan asks me to go with the flow I just might take him up on it.