Monday, October 20, 2008

Cloth Napkins or Paper Towels for Thanksgiving???

So my question was.......

Do we use cloth napkins or pretty paper towels for Thanksgiving?????

I know my mother and grandmother would gasp at the thought of paper towels, but they are easy and they make them oh so cute these days. I let this thought go and went about my day.

There I was strolling the fabric store for some more thread (Not a big purchase, but still a very necessary one) when I saw this fabulous turkey fabric screaming at me "Liz buy me"...."wouldn't I make great napkins?".... Of course I am crazy and yes fabric talks to me, but besides that I knew that the switch to cloth napkins would be a fun one. I already know how to sew and this turkey fabric was screaming at me. Plus no trees would be hurt in the process. How could I turn this cute fabric down? I couldn't! I bought the fabric and made some cloth napkins. I have two sets of 6 for sale on etsy also. Didn't they turn out great?? Pictures not so much, but the sun is setting and I couldn't get it any better today so maybe tomorrow I will try again.

Plus I feel way better not hurting mother nature anymore than I have to! What are you planning on using????




I was also inspired to do a thanksgiving treasury



Kimiko said...

Very cute! I think you made the right choice ;o)

kim* said...

if i had my own house and was hosting a party then cloth. if i had money to spend on cloth then cloth, s o this year paper lol

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Very nice.i like them.the treasury is nice as well

Eileen said...

We use cloth napkins every day. It drives my teenage son crazy to use them because they are "too fancy"!

Love your blog and your store!

ChichiBoulie said...

good to see more votes for the cloth napkins. we've always used them. makes more sense in so many ways.

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Beautiful treasury!!!
I think cloth napkins are the way to go for thanksgiving!!!! It should be a fancy day with all of the special touches!!!