Saturday, August 9, 2008

Treasury treasury why do I love you so?

The addiction has spread to treasury west. I sit there in my cozy chair watching the treasury slowly going down down down till it hits the magical number and then the animal instinct in me jumps at the opportunity and snatches a treasury just a fast as I can! Whether or not I have a title already chosen. Which is why the second one say "Oh Yes". I saw the opportunity and just jumped without having a plan. I was still happy with it in the end. I would love to have your leave me a comment and let me know how my treasuries are progressing the more I do them.

I was lucky enough to get one in Treasury West and in The Treasury this week.

Then there was light-Illuminating


Oh YES or No....Maybe?


Mixed Species said...

Rad treasuries! Love the lights.

Ashley said...

What cool treasuries!