Sunday, August 10, 2008



We all have those nights when we are sitting with friends (possibly drinking) and we have nothing to do, but chat. Why not add a little fun and play a game.


1.Things you least 4 friends and 4 seats ...........more always welcome!

2.Player 1 is the psychiatrist. Their job is to find out what everyones problem is by asking questions. That is all that the psychiatrist is allowed to know. One rule the psychiatrist can Not ask names of people.

3.Players 2,3,4,etc. all have the same problem...."They are the person to their Right". They act as if they are the person to their right. So every question is answered as if they are the person to their right. You can Not tell the psychiatrist your name.

4.If the any player does Not know the answer to the question then they say "I don't know" and all players stand up and switch seats. Thus giving you a new person to your right and all new answer. This is the only clue to help the psychiatrist besides the questions.

It is simple, but NOT easy for most. Whenever we play it with new friends we laugh so hard that our cheeks hurt and some people are trying not to pee their pants! I recommend this for family gatherings or holidays also. The questions get funnier and more personal as the game goes on and the drinks get empty, which only leads to more laughter.

Other Options: We have replayed with the same people and we all have the same problem like we are a tree, a hammock, a friend we all know, a problem, etc.

Disclaimer: CherryLaneJane nor anyone affiliated with it approves of underage drinking or drinking and driving. This game is for sober people of any age or Drunks over the age of 21 who have a Designated Driver! :)~

I would love to have more games to play so please share yours with me!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'll come back and read this when I'm not drinking...I've had a bit of a head-start but it sounds like fun.

Mary Richmond said...

sounds like fun!

twistedcloset said...

That sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I adore party games -- they always liven things up.