Thursday, August 28, 2008

My latest and greatest treasuries/ Labor Day Camping

I have been busy all week planning for our camping trip this Labor Day weekend and with school open houses and school shopping I have been MIA as far as the blog. I managed to get these treasuries and that's it! lol Maybe next week when school starts I can get back to my crafting and blogging groove.

Wish me luck on the camping trip. I haven't been in well over 10yrs and it is supposed to rain. The pollen count will be high and my poor sneezy husband will be snotty! My two kids are not used to life without tv and air conditioning. Yes it will be good for us and it will be an adventure non the less. My sister and her two kids and my brother are going so it should be fun with all of us there. It will be our last summer hurrah before Fall.

I would love to know where you all are going for Labor Day! what are your plans???


Monday, August 25, 2008

Flash Floods and Blog Features

I was on my way to work on Sunday to cover for a coworker who was off and it started to rain. No big deal, right? I had looked at weatherbug before I left and it had just a tiny spot on the radar. Nothing to worry about. Then the rain got so hard I could barely see and the more I drove the more the rain piled up. On my first stop (I fill vending machines) I got out of the car in my rain coat and ran inside. There was no electricity and I was already soaked. "OK" I thought and then on to the next stop. I then realized I needed gas. I found a gas station and got out to pump gas. The rain and wind were sideways by then. I got back in the car and the rain had soaked through my raincoat, my sweatshirt, my t-shirt, my jeans, and yes my undies too! I went to my next stop and filled everything just fine. Except I realized I could not keep my pants up because they were so wet and heavy they kept slipping down. I knew I would have to stop by the house to get some dry clothes. This is when I remembered I had my camera in my purse and I took a few pictures of my trip back home and then back to work in the flash flood that I was unprepared for.....I am a girl scout and I know to keep a change of clothes for the kids in the car, but maybe I should keep some for me too. lol I hope you enjoy the pictures better than I did the drive. I have never been in a flash flood before and I hope never to be in one again!

The best part was seeing two 40yr old guys swimming in their driveways.....

This is the highway underpass

A mud river down the other side of the road
The sun did finally come out!

on another note:


When I got home I got two wonderful emails letting me know I was being featured in blogs....

Feature 1:
I wanted to thank Katie from GiftsEtc for featuring my Poop stuff on her Top 16...Poop Items!! Check it out on her blog! It is my pink poo poo bib and my pile of crap pincushion. All of which are available in my etsy shop CherryLaneJane

I also wanted to thank Sharon from splashesofcolor for featuring my bibs on her blogWonderful World of Etsy. Stop by and comment on her fabulous blog.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Fabulous" Friday Favorites

I have been feeling a bit ragged this week and whenever I get asked "How are you today" I have been answering "Fabulous!". Not because I am or feel like it, but because if I say it enough it must come true sooner or later right? Well when planning this weeks Friday Favorites I had fabulous in mind. Things that no matter what would make me feel fabulous if I bought and used or wore them. These are what would make me feel fabulous this week. I hope you enjoy!

All of my Friday Favorites are from Etsy this week. Just in case your new to Etsy it is a website based on handmade and vintage items from all over the world. If you need it you can buy it there! Now please take a minute to click on the links and browse these wonderful Etsy shops. I love this weeks picks and I hope you do to!



1. The Little Tomato, crocheted lavender balls by: Studio Wonjun This fabulous amigurami ball is such a soothing color and is filled with soothing dried lavender. It's safe for babies and is also a wonderful thing to add to your home decor. Just imagine a few of these placed in a bowl in your living room. With each squeeze you get a fresh burst of lavender.

2. Avocado silkscreened napkins by: MaryWibisI am a huge fan a nature themed items and of green so this set of 6 silkscreen printed napkins caught my eye immediately. Each is hand printed which makes all of them unique. Plus you can throw these in the washing machine. To top it off you can also get yourself a set of stemware to match your fabulous napkins.

3. The Semi-Circle Purse by: PeskyCatDesigns This is just fabulous! When I saw it I thought it was such a fresh new shape for a purse. Plus it is in a soft green color with a simple leaf design. What more can I ask for? It also has inside pockets, a paisley print inside, magnetic closure, and is interfaced for durability. You must go check out this shop!

4. Pro Troop Reusable Shopping Bag by: PricklieI really love the reusable grocery totes and this one takes the words right out of my mouth! I certainly Don't like war, but I surely DO LOVE our troops and I support the men and woman in our armed forces. It is always fun to make a statement when you go out and this way you can do it without having to wear it on a shirt. Plus your saving this fabulous planet from nasty plastic baggies. Pricklie has lots of choices to choose from so make sure you check them out.

5. v-neck pinking shears tee by: The Full SpectrumFor all those crafting Etsians out there this is the craft shirt for you. Show off your passion in a sleek stylish v-neck silkscreened Tee. You can also buy an extra one to use as your actual crafting shirt. Although I would hate to get glue or something on it and ruin this fabulous shirt. Head on over and pick up one today!

6. VELVET GLOW EARRINGS by: Maya Del Alma These earrings really do look like they are almost glowing. Made with warm etched green flameworked beads. These beauties measure 1" down from the post. Which is a perfect dangling size if you ask me. If you just happened to not be into green as much as I am she does make these in a myriad of other fabulous colors.

Stop by next week for more beautiful Friday Favorites!

If you missed last weeks you can take a look at it here....
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This is the longest Week!

I have been unable or maybe just to tired to post this week. I had 2 and a half hours of sleep 3 days in a row. I managed a cat nap in the evening before work thanks to my husband and sister. I worked all night and got up early to do school activities and doctors visits with the kids all week. Then I had 3 large custom orders still to finish. I have been trying my hardest to get it all done. I only relisted and renewed in my etsy shop and managed to snatch a few treasuries that I had saved in my Poster Sketch. That is all I have to share today. Plus a few that I was featured in....Hopefully I will be back to normal next week, but who knows:)

I made these

This is different from my usual style


I was In these....


Friday, August 15, 2008


Autumn is not far away so you should start your shopping now! Since I have been inspired by all things Autumn this week I have chosen my FRIDAY FAVORITES with the warm Fall fashions in mind. All of my Friday Favorites are from Etsy this week. Just in case your new to Etsy it is a website based on handmade and vintage items from all over the world. If you need it you can buy it there! Now please take a minute to click on the links and browse these wonderful Etsy shops. I love this weeks picks and I hope you do to!



1. Apple-A-Go-Go by: Early Girl Apple season is upon us so you should really get yourself a snug little crocheted Apple a go go. Avoid bruised, gouged, and dirty apples. This is a great item to add to your reusable lunch box. Taste the freshness of Autumn and protect it too.

2. Brown ACORN SQUIRREL t-shirt by: BoyGirlPartyWhy not have some fun this Fall and add a Printed Squirrel T-Shirt to your closet. Boy Girl Party has lots of beautiful silkscreen printed items for you to choose from. All those cute deigns you see in the shop are illustrated by Susie Ghahremani.

3. walnut shell pincushion by: Tinta E Linha This seller is new to Etsy and needs some well deserved sales! She has reused actual walnut shells and made them fun, bright and useful! These adorable Walnut Shell Pincushions remind me of walking in the woods in the Fall and hearing leaves and nut shells crunching with every step.

4. Autumn Scarflette by: EmmyLouHelmuthAutumn weather can be chilly in the mornings and evenings and then hot in the afternoon. This scarflette is the perfect thing to take with you that will keep you warm when the weather turns chilly. It's also great for offices that get cold. She evens hand spun the yarn herself and used a unique herringbone stitch to make it.

5. Lexington Tote- Mille Fiore by: Allisa JacobsThis fabulous Tote has all the colors of Autumn mixed with a bright fun 70's look! It is machine washable and dryer friendly which is just what I need in a tote as a mom. Plus you can be stylish at the same time. Allisa Jacobs also has cosmetic bags, clutches, bibs, etc.

6. Dark Pumpkin Votives and Tea Lights by: PureFireWaxI can almost smell them! I love the smell if Autumn and that includes pumpkin and spices. I make sure I have plenty of fall scented candles around to make the season more festive! These yummy scented candles are just what you need to make your home smell and look like Autumn. This is her description of Dark Pumpkin "DARK PUMPKIN -This is a scrumptious blend of my own! Rich pumpkin infused with top notes of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and clove and bottom subtle notes of warm vanilla and cream." How can you turn that down????

Stop by next week for more beautiful Friday Favorites!

If you missed last weeks you can take a look at it here....
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Custom Labels ~~~ Green Beans N Strings

HURRAY hurray I got MAIL today... well maybe a few days ago, but I am still excited about it! I had ordered these custom fabric labels for my bibs and toys. I knew I needed them small to fit on my teething toys. That's when I ran across these 100 -1.5" long x 0.5" high custom labels by greenbeansnstrings in her fabulous Etsy shop. If you have been thinking about getting labels for your creations you shouldn't wait any longer. Just pop on over to greenbeansnstrings and order some.


I made sure to sew one onto the bib I sold this morning before shipping it out......


I am off to sew sew sew some more labels onto all my stuff!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to School and Fall Fashions

August is already halfway over and for most that means crisp cool Autumn is near. Apple Festivals and warm apple cider. Plus school buses will soon be stopping at every street while your trying to get to work and running late! The shorts will soon be gone and your pretty pastel purse will be traded in for a darker warmer on. Fuzzy warm scarves and hats to bundle up in. That is what has inspired my two new treasuries.......

links to my treasuries:
Back To School Shopping at treasury west

Fall Fashions at etsy treasury


Monday, August 11, 2008

Vintage Finds and a tiny toad

I always say I like vintage things, but I am not sure if this is what I meant. My husband found this beauty and brought her home. I had been asking for a fridge in the garage to hold extra things when my family visits and for drinks. I mean yes it's cool, but I am not running a mini mart in my garage. How old is this thing anyway???? Who knows! She runs loud and leaks condensation in a puddle on the garage floor. I really like the look of her, but it is yet to be determined if she will stay. ...


A "TRUE" vintage beauty!

On another night here at home my husband found a tiny toad and I mean as small as a penny. I came home form work to find the tiny guy jumping around on the kitchen floor. Yes we let him go, but before we did we took pictures!



Sunday, August 10, 2008



We all have those nights when we are sitting with friends (possibly drinking) and we have nothing to do, but chat. Why not add a little fun and play a game.


1.Things you least 4 friends and 4 seats ...........more always welcome!

2.Player 1 is the psychiatrist. Their job is to find out what everyones problem is by asking questions. That is all that the psychiatrist is allowed to know. One rule the psychiatrist can Not ask names of people.

3.Players 2,3,4,etc. all have the same problem...."They are the person to their Right". They act as if they are the person to their right. So every question is answered as if they are the person to their right. You can Not tell the psychiatrist your name.

4.If the any player does Not know the answer to the question then they say "I don't know" and all players stand up and switch seats. Thus giving you a new person to your right and all new answer. This is the only clue to help the psychiatrist besides the questions.

It is simple, but NOT easy for most. Whenever we play it with new friends we laugh so hard that our cheeks hurt and some people are trying not to pee their pants! I recommend this for family gatherings or holidays also. The questions get funnier and more personal as the game goes on and the drinks get empty, which only leads to more laughter.

Other Options: We have replayed with the same people and we all have the same problem like we are a tree, a hammock, a friend we all know, a problem, etc.

Disclaimer: CherryLaneJane nor anyone affiliated with it approves of underage drinking or drinking and driving. This game is for sober people of any age or Drunks over the age of 21 who have a Designated Driver! :)~

I would love to have more games to play so please share yours with me!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Treasury treasury why do I love you so?

The addiction has spread to treasury west. I sit there in my cozy chair watching the treasury slowly going down down down till it hits the magical number and then the animal instinct in me jumps at the opportunity and snatches a treasury just a fast as I can! Whether or not I have a title already chosen. Which is why the second one say "Oh Yes". I saw the opportunity and just jumped without having a plan. I was still happy with it in the end. I would love to have your leave me a comment and let me know how my treasuries are progressing the more I do them.

I was lucky enough to get one in Treasury West and in The Treasury this week.

Then there was light-Illuminating


Oh YES or No....Maybe?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Favorites

I am starting my FRIDAY FAVORITES post. Every Friday I will pick some of my favorites from etsy and feature them here for you to see. Since this is my first one I thought what better topic for my Cherry Lane Jane Blog than Cherries! Enjoy and click on the links below to see these beautiful items!


1. Sweet Cherry Earrings by: Thumble

2. Cherry Blossom LAPTOP SLEEVE by: JanineKingDesigns

3. Cherry Blossom - 50 Custom Etsy Shop Stickers by: RedHeadDivaPaper

4. Cherries on Top Series Original Polaroid Image Transfer by: TiffanyTeske

5. Bowl of Cherries vintage reproduction apron by: LadyJenevive

6. Cherry Vintage Pendant Necklace by: CaughtRedHanded

Stop by next week for more beautiful Friday Favorites!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camo Baby

I was minding my own business when I just happen to stumble into a fabric store....oops! Don't you just hate when that happens? lol Then I came upon a camo print fabric, but not the normal kind. The BUTTERFLY KIND! What a fun camo I thought. And then I knew that my newest bibs would be butterfly camo ones. This fabric was not normal cotton, nor canvas, but the fabric label said cotton. It was some fun mix between canvas and soft fabric. Very pliable and semi thick. I thought hey this would be a great absorbent fabric for bibs and baby spills!

So without further ado here they are...

hot pink bird

bright blue bird

mushroom camo

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am very happily back to my treasury addiction. I was sitting outside waiting the last 8 minutes for the new treasury server to be updated and for another opportunity for me to make a treasury. I was thinking to myself what can I make this treasury about? Then a breeze hit my face and the trees started to sway and intantly I knew this one would be about TREES!

Here is my TWIGGY treasury.


here is my retro one from last week

Friday, August 1, 2008

I might have raised them right!

The kids had been at Grandma's for a day and I had just worked 12hrs at my job doing a catering. I got home and fell asleep while my husband went to get the kids. I was then awoken by two sweet children yelling "mommy mommy" and climbing into my bed. They were carrying a large bucket of sunflowers that they had cut for me. They had a twinkle in their eyes and love in their hearts. Also my 5 yr old son had a tiny pink flower he had picked just for me...what a sweet kid! I was so thrilled and felt so loved. Maybe just maybe I raised them right.