Saturday, July 26, 2008

A small world on my front porch

I have written about nature watching in my yard before, but this small world of snails living under the 1st step on my front porch was different. I hadn't been watching it. I didn't even know it was there. I had walked over it day after day and didn't even realize these sweet slimy creatures had made a home there.


Aren't they so sweet. You can see the different stages they are growing in. Some have hard shell and some have soft small swirls of what will be there shells. They are tiny tiny things smaller than a pea living their simple peaceful life under my porch step.


I wonder what else is hiding in my yard that the kids and I haven't yet discovered.
Isn't nature amazing!


The funny thing is I did a snail treasury a few days ago and it must have been because they were near;)~


Andunie said...

Cool! I haven't seen many snails around my place, though- just slugs, which aren't quite as interesting.

kim* said...

actually i think its pretty gross. although i am glad there are folks like you that appreciate these lil guys.

saffron said...

How cute, for sure! I don't have many snails at my house, but I guess my garden likes that. Yours seem harmless in their own little environment.

BlossomingTree said...

Haven't come across and snails my way either. Cool that you found them and can watch them grow.

Beat Black said...

those are so cute! I didnt know they grew like that at all.