Friday, June 6, 2008

Tornado or Not?

During my daughters birthday party I checked weatherbug on the computer and saw a big line of red coming our way. The my brother said "moms car windows are open". I look outside to see blackness fastly approaching the house. I find my moms keys and my husband Dan runs out to close her windows. Just then the down poor starts. He makes a dash for it and within 10 seconds these crazy scary high winds pick up and start rocking the car. I run inside and tell all the party goers to get in the basement. Yes I was screaming at them like a crazy woman! I look outside and see the tree falling down and the chairs flying against the back door. I scream for my husband and we all head downstairs. We sat for a few minutes and could hear banging, lightening and thunder, the wind howling, and a loud popping sounds (the electric transformers). The power went out and we found candles. My poor daughter starts crying "I am gonna be the only girl that dies on her 10th birthday". Poor thing! Then it all got semi calm except for the thunder.

We made our way outside to find our poor trees down and the neighbors too. Shingles were everywhere and front door mats that weren't ours. Fences and a gazebo was ripped out of the cement. The basement started flooding in ours and the neighbors house. Thankfully no one was hurt and the houses were still standing, but boy did it give us all a terrible scare! They say it was either a storm burst with very high (80mph) winds or a tornado trying to form. I don't care what they call it! I am just glad it's over! It took a day to get the power back, but it's back and now I am back to blogging!


Ultratrixie :: said...

That is a very scary feeling! I grew up in tornado alley- Wichita Falls, TX, so I know! and what a pity that you lost trees. That makes me sad...poor trees!

artsyclay said...

Very scary, glad you are all ok.

Made by Melissa said...

Oh my! That sounds terrifying! Glad to hear everyone is OK. Your daughter will never forget that birthday party!