Thursday, June 12, 2008

Etsy Yart Sale

The First Etsy Yart Sale is going on this week. June 11th-20th 2008! Come stop in and type in "yart" in the search box. You will find lots of great deals. Yart is an online esty yard sale. We would love to have you:) I am reducing prices for the sale so check out my etsy yart section as well.

check the comments to see more etsy yart links!



Alison said...

What a great idea! This Yart Sale is going to be very dangerous for me! I already can't stop buying! :)
YART SALE - SpoolDesign

Flowersbyfarha said...

Hey CherryLane--thanks for blogging about this!

Not only am I participating in the YART SALE--§ion_id=5475984

-- I already had a pre-existing Prenewal Sale Contest thread going which includes a contest within the contest:

If anyone making a purchase also posts the link to this blog in my thread, I'll throw in a bookmark or postcard with your purchase!

Leila said...

How sweet! Thank you for marketing the yart sale on our blog, beautiful.

YART SALE ~ Stop by for sales and free shipping at RedHeart13

New England Quilter said...

Stop by my YART SALE today!§ion_id=5278857

loriotndorr said...

thanks for inviting us to leave our links!

ck out our YART SALE section!!!

SatinDollCo said...

Great idea and it's great for you to promote it on your blog.

Here's my Yart Sale Section and I also have my anniversary sale going on too.§ion_id=5210050

Cherry Lane Jane said...

Did you hear that everyone?

If anyone making a purchase also posts the link to this blog in my thread, I'll throw in a bookmark or postcard with your purchase!
flowersbyfarha great idea thanx

marciapalmer said...

Ya gotta YART! Listings up to 50% off! Ya gotta love it!

Just click on marciapalmer to check it out!

CercaTrova said...

Thanks CherryLane for blogging about this great sale!

Here's a link to my Yart Sale section!

stacey said...

I put three monkeys on sale today:

check out my YART section

erinberry said...

Thanks for blogging about it!

I have a section for all my yart sale items, which are 15-25% off!§ion_id=5483448

Check it out for unique items made from recycled Guatemalan textiles!

JeniMac said...

I'm new to etsy and blogger, but I am participating in the YART Sale. All of my ACEOs are at least 50% off and most of my vintage jewelry is 20% off.

I like your blog and your shop is wonderful. :)

tammy said...

Cherry Lane Jane... you have such cute stuff! I went a bit overboard in the marking things down for the yart sale and ended up with over 100 items on sale... here's a link!

Travel Time Crafts

~Marge~ said...

Best to you on the YART SALE! I'm having a great deal of fun, hope we all get lotsa sales!

Tasha T said...

thanks for blogging about this Cherry!

I'm Yart Sale-ing, too!

Here's my first ever ACEO!!

Anonymous said...

This YART sale is so much fun!!! Thanks for adding it to your already wonderful blog!!! I have a whole section priced TO GO!!!!!§ion_id=5439684

Plus all my binder clips are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Click Here for My Yart Sale

LuckyLibra Designs said...

*** Yart BOGO Sale ***

Buy 1 Get 1! That's right! Buy any item from my Yart Sale Section and enjoy a second item of equal/lesser value, completely and totally 100% FREE!


Two pages to browse, come on in!§ion_id=5471305

Paypal or RME invoice sent when you are done shoppin'!
Stock up on Christmas Gifts!!

** LOOOOOOW and FREEEEE Shipping! (depending on location) **

Anonymous said...

take a look at my yart sale

further reductions in here§ion_id=5482311

need to make room for more!!

craftylittlekitten said...

further reductions in here§ion_id=5482311

need to make room for more!!

Sharon K. Shubert said...

Great idea to add this to your blog!

I'm participating in the YART SALE with paintings, ACEO's, miniatures and more...

Thanks and hope to see you in my shop!


artsyclay said...


Come on by and check out my Yart Sale section with one-of-a-kind pins and pendants...

dkjewels said...

here is my yart! 50% off or more on the items in my YART section.§ion_id=5416540

elle moss said...

my yart sale:

Tom & Cher said...

I'm buying, I'm selling!
I've got RME to spend even, can't stop myself!

(Can't type tonght either)§ion_id=5481123

Thank you! You're sweet!