Friday, June 6, 2008

Crazy Dreams

I can't tell you what this means, but hey it's a dream......

My husband was an astronaut and he was getting ready for his flight. He had to take radiation pills to make it through the atmosphere. We lived in my childhood home here in Ohio, but we had remodeled it. He was taking off in the backyard landing zone of course! lol Then I went to check on the banana trees in the basement we planted for the gorillas. ??? Then the guy in charge of them said we should have planted oranges. ??? Then I remember I am late for my husbands take off and I run outside. He hasn't taken off yet, but there are cabin pressure problems and they are trying to fix it before his radiation pills run out. I have to run to the store and then I get lost in this truck I am driving (don't know where I go that). I then realize that my son is inside the house alone sleeping and I have to find my way home to check on him. He is fine and I leave my mom with him. I go back to the landing pad and check on my husband. They scratch the flight and we all go inside. THE END.

Dan the astronaut!!!


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