Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tree Toppers

I am not an animal person and really never claim to be. I have allergies due to all the dander they make. As cute as they may be they make me sneeze, my eyes water, and my lungs wheeze. I have come to like them from a distance. Though this past year we moved to a new house in a new town and we have trees. Lots of pretty trees. Every morning I wake up I hear birds. Lots of birds that fill the tops of our trees. Morning doves, robins, cardinals, black birds, finches, etc. It's almost like an aviary in my own backyard.

There is also a bunny family that lives under the shed and they eat the spinach I have planted. I don't mind though. At the top of a tree over the fence that blocks us from the neighbors dogs is a nest. I thought it was a bird nest till one morning the squirrel that we watch every morning scatter along the phone lines, across the road, and down to the neighbors came crawling out of it. Then I realized we also have a squirrel who has made a home in our yard! All this nature in suburbia has made me love animals! Wild ones that I can watch from a distance and don't have to feed every day and take for a walk. Animals who have their own little lives right in my own backyard. They live side by side in the same acre we do not giving a thought to what we are doing in our busy lives. They keep busy feeing their young and keeping their nests or burrows tidy and clean. They fly around or jump and play in the tall neighbors grass. I now realize that I love animals! Just not the ones that live in my home as a pet.


I appreciate all of my friend and families pets and the bonds they have with them, but I too have bonded with my mother robin who made a nest in our front yard in our weeping cherry tree. I can pick her out of a whole flock of birds any day! It all started when one day I saw a robin put a few strands of straw on a branch. Then she worked very hard for days constructing the most tightly wound beautiful nest I had ever laid eyes on. She used plastic twigs, straw, garbage, plastic, and robin eggs blue Easter grass that would soon match her three tiny eggs. I have often wondered if she thought about the color when picking it out. The mother bird has a strikingly broad red breast and her neck doesn't seem to be as long as the other robins around. She stands firm watching her nest and protecting her young.

Weeks went by as we watched her sit on the eggs and then the eggs hatch into 3 tiny naked baby birds. There was one bird that was the biggest and strongest and always put it's neck out farther and got fed first. That bird of course stayed the biggest and took over the nest. I felt a pride for this mother bird who worked tirelessly from sun up till sun down getting worms and bugs for her three growing babies. She literally would stop and feed them and then rush off to find more food. Soon returning to start all over again. The babies grew fast and of course my camera documented all that the momma would let me. Then one day we were grilling and saw the babies jump out of the nest and start to fly. Luckily I had my camera handy and we followed them to the neighbors yard on their first flight. I was sad to see them go, but happy that our beautiful broad breasted mother bird had done her job and made three birds who will also go off to make their own families. Of course as the mother that I am to two wonderful kids I couldn't help but think of my own kids and how someday they will leave me to start their own lives. That is years away, but still always in the back of my mind. I have since seen the babies with their not yet fully grown bodies and fuzzy feather on top of their heads sitting on the fence. So till next year my little robin friends I will be watching you sitting in my tree tops and chirping to me every morning.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful slide show of the robin family I have come to love.....

We also have a mother morning dove and her two babies in a nest out back. Also a loud cackling momma black bird and her loud cackling babies that are too high for me to take pictures of. Here is the morning dove family....


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

meet and greet

Welcome to my first blog! I am new at this so bare with me. Don't be afraid to let me know if something isn't looking right around here:)

I am a twenty something happily married woman with wonderful kids and a great family. I love to craft and create! It keeps me going. I do get burned out easily so I try to switch it up as often as I can. I work nights and don't sleep much so it takes new fun things to keep me interested. I love vintage items. I tried my hat at Primitive for years and loved the experience, but have recently moved onto more retro vintage for now. I started quilting and sewing as a kid and got my own sewing machine 6yrs ago. I have been at it ever since. I have been selling on ebay as elizabethjanecreations for a long time and have since changed my name and moved to etsy. I would love you to come see all my fun new stuff there! I am a happy person in general and try not to be cynical, but hey I am only human;) I am also a Taurus so that makes me a bit bullheaded. What can I say... I can talk dirty with the best of them and then can be an angel at PTA meetings. It makes life fun! I love to chat and luckily I have 4 sisters who also love to chat! I hope you will find something eye catching to read or look at since I take pictures all the time and look for inspiration everywhere.

Big Hugs, Liz